Second Hand Rage

I started making jewelry almost two decades ago as a healthy outlet for all of my rage. I started naming jewelry pieces after some of the things I think of when I'm designing, and it was a hit! After several years of doing this and selling to family and friends, I left my full time job as an Executive Director at a nonprofit theater and opened up a brick & mortar store in Portsmouth NH as well as an online store.

Oftentimes when I post videos to TikTok, I get all sorts of requests to make jewelry based off of my viewers' rage. I found myself thinking of their stories while I worked and the idea of Second Hand Rage popped into my head.

I wanna hear your rage. Your rage is my rage. I will listen to your stories while I work and may even name some of my pieces based on what you write. So if you'd like to share, fill out the form below. I may turn your rage into something beautiful.

Because of trolls, I am requiring an email to help reduce submissions from unhinged weirdos, but I will never share your story without your permission.

Click this link to submit your rage.