Jewelry Making Classes

 Classes are limited to 5 seats and are for fully vaccinated students. 

The Basic Wire Wrap Class - learn an easy skill that will unlock unlimited design possibilities for the rest of your life.

Kathleen will teach students the basic wire wrap skill. The wire wrap is the key to most jewelry making. Once they know this skill, students will be able to make simple to intricate necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. Students will leave class with a finished pair of earrings or necklace and the skills to rule the jewelry world. Earrings will all be different, based off of what students choose to design with.

About the instructor

Kathleen recently opened up her own jewelry store with her daughter Sophie in Downtown Portsmouth called Rage Gems & Jewelry. Kathleen began making jewelry back in the early 2000s as she had two children under the age of two and she needed a hobby to help keep her sane. After many failed attempts at crafts such as crochet, mosaics, etc. she found that jewelry making was a perfect fit and hasn't stopped since. She lived in Brooklyn NY for eight years and when there, she opened up a bead store and taught classes. Her jewelry has been seen on many celebrities during those years. It's her form of therapy and highly recommends it to anyone with rage issues.

Skill Level

BeginnerRecommended Age: 14+ Requires patience, good eyesight, and good hand eye coordination. Because we are 6' apart, good eyesight is imperative as you will be asked to look at small work from 6' away.



Price & Schedule

To see the full schedule and to sign up for a class, click this link here.